Decor Centre

Make your Baycliffe home suit your own personal sense of style with your choice of the finest standard finishes and elegant upgrades that we offer!

Here's where you make your house your dream home! Discover choice. Discover comfort. In the lovely Baycliffe Decor Center, We've assembled a remarkable collection of superior finishes that complement the beauty of your new home. Choices and ideas abound! Here you'll find everything to personalize your dream home, and make it uniquely yours.

We make this process easy and fun, with our knowledgable staff to assit you along the way. Colour co-ordinators and Decor specialists are waiting to help you choose the perfect colours, options, additions and so much more. Buying a new home means you get to put everything you dreamed of into your home without the headache and mess of renovations. When you buy a home from Baycliffe Homes, we make sure your home is as beautiful as you had imagined.

For directions to our Decor Centre please contact your sales representative.